Children Ramadan Class
29 Jun 2016 CMCFA

Save the Date for Summer Activities
27 Jun 2016 Stay tuned and look out for Summer Activities with Hong Kong Islamic Youth Association. The list to be posted soon.

Visit Elderly Home 2016
22 May 2016 Haji Omar Ramju Sadick Care & Attention Home, G/F, High Block, Oi Yee House, Tuen Mun

Ramadan Appeal for Tanzania
20 May 2016 Hong Kong

BBQ at Tai Tong
15 May 2016


Pillars of Emaan

Jibreel (alaihis salam) came in human form and said to Rasul Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam): “Tell ...

The Sadaqa Al-Fitr

Literally, fitrmeans breaking the fast or creation. Thesadaqa al-fitr, however, is a financial obligation ...

Beating Bad Breath This Ramadān

Introduction The holiest month in the Islamic calendar has arrived. Ramaḍānis the ninth month of ...

Are your children fasting this Ramadan?

Advice to parents with children who are fasting this Ramadān Allāh taught parents in the Qur’ān ...